Friday, September 21, 2007

Down with fever.
Good lor, win liao lor.
First day of school got flu, just recover from flu, now come the fever.
I think tomorrow I may not be able to go to school.
Having headace, head spining, sore throat, no appitise.
Was laying in my sick bed, I over heard my uncle and mum talking.
My uncle was saying:" Amy is such a good girl, go straight home after school, never loiter around."
My mum was like:" Haha. Wait and see. After she get used to London, you will never get to see her at home. In singapore, if the clock had not strike 10, you can forget about seeing her in the house. If you do, most probably is because she ran out of money."
I was like LOL, don't ask me what is so funny, I just find it funny.
My uncle doesn't believe what my mum said though.
Anyway, I'm going off now.
Damn i!! My phone has no more credits, can't sms my Bibi to xa jiao( don't know how to write in english!!)
Hope to see him online tomorrow!

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