Friday, September 28, 2007

How have you guys been doing?
I have not been blogging for quite a few days now.
I was busy preparing for my beloved mum's birthday.
Let's me tell how it turns out, alright?
On monday, I went to order the cake, without knowing what favour to buy.
By the way, I thought thursday is the 26th, which is her birthday, so I ordered to be collected on thursday. Thank god, they only take down the date.
I was so panic when I realised that thursday is the 27th.
I have no more money to buy another cake, luckily only the date was written on the receipt.
Now come to the decoration part.
I walked around the decoration shop for several hours, yet still have no idea how I should decorate the room.
So I end up having to buy all the stuff on the day itself.
It turns out bery nice, but not as nice as I have expected it to be.
On the day, I've asked my teacher to let me skip half of the lesson.
I had only one lesson on that day.
Then the mad rush began.( I thought)
End up, my bloody uncle, he say cannot go too early.
I have loiter around on the damn cold street for 3 hours.
I couldn't take it anymore, so I just hack care, I bet with my luck.
I went to collect the cake, then head home, betting with my luck to see if my mum was at home,
Because that she was supposed to go to the market and buy some stuff for my grandma.
I was luck enough, she was not at home when I reached home.
While waiting for stupid uncle to arrive, I cam-whore a litlle.

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Pa chiao eyes.( dunno how 2 spell)
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I got really bored. So I start edittig pictures.
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Told you I was really bored.
He finally call me. Asking me what to do next. I say keep my mm away from the house. So that I can put up the decorations.
So I finally get to put up the decorations in peace. Suddenly, my mum came back, I got totally freaked out la can? She saw the cake, but not the decorations.
Now then that damn uncle turns up, he managed to pull my mum out of the house (with no violence means) I got some more time to put up the rest of the decorations.
Which looks like this at the end of it.
This is how the cake looks like.
She doesn't want people to know how she is so I didn't put her birthday and year.
More pictures will be updated soon. Maybe videos too. So stay tunned! ^^
By the way, in the evening, my mum's so called best friend came over. So the actually party only begins at 8pm.

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