Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why is my blog so screwed up again?
You may think it looks alright, actually it's not, at all!
Will be changing my blogskin soon, really soon, but still working on it.
So stay tunned ya?

Anyway, I have got a really pleasant news.
My mum had given me the permission to start up my own business.
Sounds great isn't it?
I'm gonna start with a really small business.
I'll rent a litlle corner at a hair saloon, place a manicure table.
I'll be the boss and the worker at the same time. :)
That's how my mum start up er business as well.
It's a really humble begining, but I've confidence that I'll build up an empire with it.

Amy, jia you jia you jia you!! (3 cheers to myself) XD
All my friends, you guys will back me up(mentally) right?
Wish me luck!

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