Friday, September 14, 2007

Went to look for a job today.
I went out without taking my breakfast.
My old sickness is taking it toil on me again. Cause I've been losing a few Kg recently, so I feel so guilty eating. Crazy right? I know, I'm trying to fight that feeling too.
Another factor is that, I've been in quite a down mood recently.
I don't know why.
Just don't feel like doing anything, just wanna sleep.
I keep hoping time will pass faster.
So that I can faster see my beloved BiBi.
And my mum has been annoying me as well.
I know it's disrespectful to say this.
But she seems to get mad at everything I do.
If this goes on, I think I'll die of suffocation.
School is start soon, hopefully I'll be able to find a job soon too.
So that I don't have to be literally jailed at home.
That baddie BiBi neglected me, went to sleep first,
What a baddie, right?
Also never think how much people miss him.
Feeling so down.

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